Obama on Clinton on torture, Bush veto, Go DC!

Obama Says Clinton Wavered on Torture, San Francisco Chronicle
Obama’s campaign cited Clinton’s October 2006 interview with the New York Daily News in which she indicated she would be willing to authorize torture to extract information about an impending terrorist attack.

“In the event we were ever confronted with having to interrogate a detainee with knowledge of an imminent threat to millions of Americans, then the decision to depart from standard international practices must be made by the president, and the president must be held accountable,” Clinton said.

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On Tuesday, March 11th, the House failed to override President Bush’s veto of a bill that would have prohibited the CIA from using waterboarding and other torture methods.
Find out how your representative voted here

Go DC!
Spiritual Leaders Protest Torture Veto: Read it here

Oy, I can’t believe we’re actually having a national debate over torture, er, harsh interrogation methods… We don’t torture, I forgot.

Media criticism on the mainstream press coverage of Bush’s veto:
NYT Dangerously Downplays Bush’s Anti-Torture Veto:
Read it here

And another story on the NYT coverage here.

The Intelligence Authorization Act would have mandated that no person in the custody or within the control of an element of the intelligence community, regardless of that individual’s physical location or nationality, shall be “subject to any treatment or technique of interrogation not authorized by the United States Army Field Manual on Human Intelligence Collector Operations” (Sec. 327).

The Army Field Manual on Human Intelligence Collector Operations dictates that:
No person in the custody or under the control of the DOD, regardless of
nationality or physical location, shall be subject to cruel, inhuman, or
degrading treatment or punishment as defined in US law, including the
Detainee Treatment Act of 2005.

Care should be taken to protect the detainee from exposure (in
accordance with all appropriate standards addressing excessive or
inadequate environmental conditions) to—
− Excessive noise.
− Excessive dampness.
− Excessive or inadequate heat, light, or ventilation.
− Inadequate bedding and blankets.
− Interrogation activity leadership will periodically monitor the
application of this technique.

Use of separation must not preclude the detainee getting four hours
of continuous sleep every 24 hours.

Separation must be employed in accordance with the standards in this
manual. These standards include the following:
Prohibitions against abusive and unlawful actions (see para 5-75) and
against the employment of military working dogs in the conduct of
interrogation (see paras 5-59 and 8-2)….

Use of hoods (sacks) over the head, or of duct tape or adhesive tape
over the eyes, as a separation method is prohibited.

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