Clean torture, winter soldiers and kids

You wouldn’t know it by reading The New York Times, The Washington Post or watching the nightly news but veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars gathered in Silver Spring, Maryland last weekend for the Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan hearings (3/13/08-3/16/08).

Watch and listen to Chris Arendt
, who was a guard at Guantanamo Bay, which he called a “concentration camp.”

Read here
about the psychological impact on Gitmo guards.

Take action for one Guantanamo detainee here.

Democracy Now! interviews Darius Rejali, author of Torture and Democracy:
“[T]here is no sharp line between domestic and international torture. Practices that start in our prisons go out into the field. Practices in the field come back to us…

Tasers moved from domestic policing here, they’ve been out there in Iraq. We have a number of cases where people allege that they were tortured with the use of tasers. And the problem with tasers—the problem with any kind of device that doesn’t leave marks is this: if we’re going to use violence in a democracy, there has to be third-party accountability. It just can’t be that you take the cops’ word for it, right? There’s got to be a way in which somebody can say, ‘Hmm, let me look at that tape again and see if you properly used mace or that baton or something.’ And with electrical weapons that leave very few marks, it’s very hard to know.”

Children threatened with rape at Gitmo.

March 21, 2008 - Posted by | Torture News

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